The Best Gift Ideas for Holiday 2019!

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It's time to light up your life this holiday season. What's going to get you through extra family time? The food allergies? The yams? No one likes yams! We've got just the thing. Our candle collection will allow you to  decompress ahead of time.  It's about to get real with these sweet scents. 




Champagne Brunch

When you light the wick of Champagne Brunch, you are transcended to a table at your favorite spot. Anyone who annoys you at this venue immediately disappears from your field of vision. Your favorite dish comes out perfect and on time. Everyone at the table knows you're the queen and they delight you with witty banter. The bubbly keeps coming. It's a rare vintage from the best vineyard in the champagne region of France. "Only the best for you, Beautiful," the hot waiter says. 



Shooting Star


Even if you're an introvert you deserve a red carpet moment. You deserve a Prince and you need a fabulous dress and multiple pairs of heels. Shooting Star will take you anywhere. To Bali. To a job promotion. To a highway paved with glitter. Light up Shooting Star and you receive that rocket ship to bliss.


Green Tea


Girl! Green Tea is an antioxidant. You're basically turning back the clock when you light this candle up! If anyone tells you  you're not being healthy this holiday season, just point to your Green Tea Candle. You're welcome. 

For the full collection check it here.






This candle is our best seller! If you never sat at the popular table in high school, now is your time. You and Cotton will be fast friends without all the drama and cattiness of teenage girls! Light up Cotton's wick and immediately your room will achieve the cleanest, purest smell. This soft scent is ready for you after a long day of hard stuff. 





Who doesn't love a cute (well furnished) log cabin? Who doesn't wish every morning was Christmas? Well, maybe some people, but they're just harshing your vibe. Cedar is a clean, masculine-leaning scent. It's not to say that ladies don't like it, but if you're going to get the man in your life to light a scented candle this holiday season, it's going to be Stockhome's Cedar. It's the lumber-sexual scent of the century in our opinion. If you've got a man in your life who could benefit from relaxation this is the gift for him. 

For the entire collection check it out here.





Chasing the Sun 


The Scent Memories Collection is special. This line is meant to evoke a sense (pun intended) of positive times in your life. Chasing the Sun is an inspirational scent that implores you go to Miami even if you didn't get the promotion you wanted. It allows you the freedom to follow your path even it others judge you. When you light up this scent candle, you get what you want. You follow the LIGHT. 


Ghost Money 


We do not have to sell this scent. Our clients just want that GHOST MONEY. Look, even If you're not where you want to be you can't deny the concept of Ghost Money. It's fast, furious, rich, and very Hollywood. Light up this sexy scent and get ready for a ride in the G-Wagon of your dreams. Where are you headed? Only you know and that's your power! Light 'er up. 

For the full collection check it here.

























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