The Personal Space MB Green Design Series: Bamboo Edition.

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Bamboo has long been the favorite snack of the panda bear. But in 2020, the plant's biggest fans are furniture and interior designers. Green design is a pressing issue in the interiors industry as each Friday, we see environmental advocates standing out on Social media in locations from DC to Iceland and beyond for Fire Drill Fridays. Today, we'd like to introduce our Green Design Series, which shares inspiration for how you can have a greener home by using sustainable products. You won't have to compromise on style, which is the best part! 

Now, let's talk BAMBOO.

 1. Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on earth. It's most renewable super grass. Some species grow an inch an hour, with most bamboo averaging growth of up to 3.5 feet per hour. No fertilizer is needed to grow bamboo, it's truly the most regenerative gift of nature. If you've got a commercial project at a resort, or a residential space that demands Green Design, we are in LOVE with our bamboo wall features and lighting. 


                                      The Bamboo Spiral Wall Feature.




                                          Curved Bamboo Wall Feature.




                                                  Bamboo Spiral Pendant.  




2.  Bamboo is a grass which makes it more water resistant and stronger than hardwood. The benefits of having outdoor bamboo furniture are endless! 


                                                      The Lincak Chair



                                        The Linear Collection Bamboo Bar Stool.





  The Radee Collection Bamboo Sofa Bed


3. Bamboo is biodegradable, antibacterial and odor resistant. Basically, bamboo is the only furniture you CAN have around pets and kids! :-) 


 Peek Collection Mini Bar Cabinet









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