Getting Cozy: Four Ways to Transition Your Space from Summer to Fall

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Before we know it, the leaves will begin to change and the temperatures will get cooler. The transition from summer to fall is magical and filled with color, coziness and opportunity. Reworking your space to reflect these changes can help create the perfect ambiance for you or your clients. 

Check out our suggestions for transitioning your decor from summer heat to autumn vibrancy.

Get the light right

As the days get shorter and the nights get longer, lighting for fall is more important than ever. Ease in gently with lamps that not only provide the right setting or mood for autumn, but also add a new decorative piece to your space. Need some inspo? Consider our Standing Bulat Lamp that creates a romantic, soft feeling while also serving as a statement piece. Set the mood with the unique Kelopak Pendant Light or create a warm Autumn glow with the Wonton Table Lamp.

shaded interior shot with bright garden in background featuring bulat standing lamp with shade made of chiffon and linen folds in a sphere atop three tripod teak wood legs.  A little romance mixed with mid century

  1. Cozy up in comfort

We can all feel that warm, welcoming feeling that is associated with fall. Stay comfortable all season long and tap into that nostalgic feeling with pillows and blankets for fall that not only serve their purpose but provide an autumn-like atmosphere in any space. It’s difficult to get much more cozy than cashmere blankets. Check out our cashmere collection if you’re ready to hunker down in the ultimate contentment! 

  1. Keep the season underfoot

Rugs make spaces come alive and indoor/outdoor rugs for fall can be the piece that tie it all together. By swapping out your summer rug for one with more of a fall-like tone to it, you’re welcoming the season into your home or business. Indoor/outdoor rugs like our Marrakech B Dhurrie Cotton Rug and our Honeycomb C Dhurrie Cotton Rug can set the mood for the whole space while remaining durable, comfortable and colorful!

  1. Set a welcoming table

Beautiful artisanal korean royal dishes in special metal alloy light gold surrounded by brush strokes in black lacquer from

As we make the transition from alfresco dining to holiday hosting indoors, we can make a change to our table that reflects the changing season. Gather around and make the most of every meal with dinnerware that provides the homey feeling you and your guests desire. Consider pieces like our New Moon Plates, items from our Criss Cross Collection, Moonstone Soup Bowl or our  Porcelain Matte Black Plates to add a touch of elegance and simplicity to your dining this season. 

beautiful matte black porcelain handmade dishes with rough edges dripping in gold from

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