Everyone needs that special chair that is their own. Your seat is an essential home object. It's where you create your best ideas or spend the day crushing goals at work. It's important your furniture reflects you, your evolving moods and lifestyle. Our chairs are made by our award-winning partner designers. Young and emerging, it's an honor to represent them in the North American market. 

Each chair we selected is carefully thought out with you in mind. We have choices for people who are interior design connoisseurs; people who love statement pieces. We have options for those who love great design, but who feel sustainability is important. For the eco-friendly crowd, we have high-end teak, bamboo, and rattan. All sourced legally and without causing harm to our planet.

Our outdoor chair and dining selections are some of our favorites. With a flooded marketplace for patio furniture, we sourced unique pieces from designer AlvinT, who is setting the global furniture design stage on fire. Most recently he exhibited at the prestigious Salone Di Mobile in Milano, Italy. If you're looking for outdoor furniture to place on your patio, pool area, or balcony, look to Alvin's Lala Dining chair collection. For a grand outdoor statement, we recommend the stunning and comfortable Malya Oversize Chair. 

Our chairs serve to inspire. Indoor or out, contact us to chat more, and we'll make sure you have a seat at our table.

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