About Us

Personal Space sources and distributes high-end Furniture, Lighting and Home Decor from top Asian designers for North America. We function as multiple companies in one. The trust we build with the interior supply industry allows us to create a seamless full service experience. 


Our designer partners are our family. We represent award winning asian-based design houses including: Eva Natasa, Ong Cen Kuang, AlvinT , Santai Furniture, Gaya Ceramics, DaMoon, Bambunique, Lala Curio, and Ruby Slipper. All of whom ignite our mission to offer their designs and vision to the North American market. These designers care deeply about the preservation of their cultural assets which includes master craftsmanship and sustainability. Their passion is a huge inspiration to us every day. At Personal Space, we consider ourselves a Liaison at Large; the global link between vendors, shipping companies, industry professionals and their clients.


So here we are, sharing great design with you. Let us do all the heavy lifting to get these products to you. All you have to do is do is choose. 


We source. We import. We deliver. We are Personal Space MB. 


A word with our founder

Our story

Founder Laurie Wiluan, who resided in different parts of Asia over 25 years before re-patriating back to the United States, employs a rather fastidious approach to her intimate design team, as she vehemently researches and hand-picks each one of her renowned, highly-talented Asian designers to create the luxury-level home essentials of the Personal Space brand. Unlike many of the mainstream, big brand home furnishing and home décor distributors on the market in North America, premier trade supplier Personal Space proudly offers genuine, rare Asian design aesthetic to every artisan-crafted piece of their curated collection at reasonable pricing.