How Personal Space Makes Your Interior Design Job Easier.

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Personal Space sources and distributes high-end furniture, lighting, dinnerware and home decor from top Asian designers for North America. How do  we make our Interior Designer clients happy? 

We put the time in to build trust. 

Trust is an important asset while doing business. Our clients are confident in our pricing and our level of expertise. Our furniture designers also need to trust they will be well-represented in an overseas market. Our furniture designers want to know we will maintain their brand’s integrity. Our clients need to count on us to bring them a unique and high-end product at a fair price.

This is how Personal Space was born. Personal Space bridges shortens the leap between between high-end, boutique furniture designers and their perfect customer match. All this, with little extra cost to vendors and our clients. 

How? Proving we could be trusted. We act as central intelligence when it comes to sourcing, custom designs, R&D, global freight, and domestic distribution. Think of us as your personal producer. 

We are proud to say that our customers receive their items from a different continent faster than many domestic companies can deliver to them. This is our passion at Personal Space. Our business model is built around our goal to make industry processes seamless.  Let us do the curating, the customizing; the delivery. All you have to do is choose. 

We love all our personally curated products, but the more we exhibit and look at our site metrics, one thing is certain, people have their favorites. 

The Top-Selling Personal Space Items And the Story of Their New Homes. 


The Kelopak Pendant Light is majestic. Coming in four sizes it's a statement piece handmade by using zipper fabric. Sustainable and hand washable, your light will be forever bright. 

Beau, 35 came to Personal Space feeling frustrated. His wife returns his birthday gift every year. She told him: "I don't regret marrying you, but you have terrible taste when it comes to ladies' gifts." So savage! We had just the item for Beau to impress.

We sold him the Kelopak Pendant Light. When we followed up to ask Beau what his wife thought of her most recent gift, he told us, "She loves it so much, she apologized. I may never have to give her a gift again."








The Lumping Rocker has been the star of every exhibit. Winning the "Instagram Product Pick" at Las Vegas Market 2019, this chic little piece was featured by designer AlvinT at Salone del Mobile in Milan. Providing your order meets the minimum requirement, we can custom create your dream color. 


Simone, 43 had her first baby the year before. She and her family live next to a small horse farm. Simone tells us her daughter's first word was "hoosey" for "horsey". Because she's still too little to ride, Simone chose the Lumping Rocker for her toddler. "I love it because the design is so cool. She loves it because she thinks it's a real horse." 




A partner in the creation of the Virgin Hotel in Dallas, Bill Hutchinson proves the Lumping Rocker is for children and for adults who feel like big kids! 




The Matahari Wall Lamp is such stellar lighting design it sells itself. Beautiful hanging solo or in a group at the entryway of your home, the Matahari Wall Lamp was created using pressed linen. This sustainable and sexy light doubles as a mirror.  

Zara, 30 had moved from London to Hermosa Beach, CA. She was starting a new job and moved into a one bedroom apartment. "It was my first well-paying job and I wanted to buy an investment piece. I was sick of cheap furniture and at this point I feel allergic to particle board. When I saw the Matahari Wall Lamp, I had to buy three! I am officially adulting," Zara said.






The dinnerware game is nothing to blink at. Some of our favorite clients are the ones starting farm-to-table restaurants and small cafés who want R&D. These porcelain matte black and ivory plates have a gold aquoso rim. They come in a full set and were created custom for Personal Space.


Justine, 37 moved back to her hometown of Taos, New Mexico. She purchased a farmhouse and decided to start hosting specialty dinners. She built local buzz about the unique dishes she was serving.

She found us online and wrote, "I have finally arrived. I'm serving farm-to-table specialty dinners and deserts out of my home. Big issue, my dishes are from my teenage years! When you spend hours artfully plating high-end dishes, it gets a little confusing when they're served on old plates."


We followed up with her to see how the plates were working out. Justine's response, "These dishes are allowing me to up my ambience game. Every dinner party raves about them. I set out for my cooking to be the star of the show, but now people are raving about the dinnerware." Justine said.

We'll take it! 










The Da Moon brass dinnerware is our most-ordered online item. The full Da Moon set covers everything you'll need from the Full Moon sauce bowl to the Moon Stone Cup Goblet. 


One of our many Interior Designer clients, Greta, 28 was only a few years into working at her San Francisco-based firm when her colleague left on maternity leave. Greta inherited her clients. One of her newly inherited clients was a dream because she has great taste and was redoing her home from top to bottom. Greta's client had voiced she wanted special dinnerware. "Something that needs to be nurtured and cared for." That's rare, most people want dishware they put in the washer. When we showed her the Da Moon brass plate series, her client stopped hesitating after 2 months of kitchen and dinnerware shopping, and ordered 5 sets! 


Fun fact about brass plates. In previous centuries, royalty would eat from brass plates because the color would turn if the food was poisoned, saving many a king and Queen's life! When we told Greta she relayed the story to her client. "She says that she always knew she was a Queen and that for the next few dinner parties she's looking forward to seeing if she has any false friends at the table." 





 Keep visiting our site for our next blog where we introduce our Interior Design Client's favorite product picks and tips! 


Until then, <3 from the PSMB Team and Founder,  Laurie Wiluan. 


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