Illuminate Your Home

The great thing about lighting is how playful it is. You are in control of your illumination experience. You can choose the look and feel of your fixtures, pendants, and lamps. It's your choice if they light up space or provide a subtle experience. It's your vibe to set and we are thrilled to work with interior designers and private clients to create the ultimate lit experience. :-) 

There's a distinction between lamps and lighting. A lamp is what anyone can buy. But lighting is what you uniquely integrate into your design. We represent some of the top designers, in particular, Ong Cen Kuang. We invite you to view his collection here, online or in our Los Angeles-based showroom. His "Alur" collection has been internationally recognized, receiving prestigious awards for innovation. The pendant lamps are handmade, using sustainable fibers including zippers. The best part? They're washable! The entire collection works well as wall accessories,  ceiling lighting, and floor lamps. The heights of each pendant are adjustable. The wall pendants double as mirrors, creating a reflection you're guaranteed to love. The "floor" lamps such as the Rumput Table Lamp are the perfect way to play with excess space so it doesn't appear crowded. If you're in the market for something that works as a statement piece for a private home or commercial space, look to the light!