Full Moon Pasta Plate

This bowl will make excellent matches for various one-course services. It is recommended for cuisines from many different cultures like pasta, soup, and curry.


This collection has the curvature of the rich full moon.
It will make a wonderful match with any other tableware and will fit into any desired space.  Born by skilled craftsmen in Korea with a touch of magic.


Size 210Ø x 60(mm)

WT 1000g

Direction for proper use

Clean the surface with detergent and a scrub brush.

Subtle moonlight-like pattern will appear in one or another direction.
It is not to be considered 
as scratches but rather to be enjoyed as a new development.
Keep it dry after washing to maintain the gloss.
It is recommended to wrap it with paper or plastic when in long-term storage.
Do not wash in the dishwasher.
Do not put in a stove, oven or open fire.

This unique dinnerware is made of traditional Korean bronze.
In Korea, we call it ‘Yuhgee’.

Yuhgee has a strong antibacterial ability because of
its unique ratio of alloy – copper78:tin22, and it has beautiful colour.

To maintain the properties of Yuhgee,
we don’t coat the surface of products.

Because it is an uncoated metal, it can be tarnished by
humidity in the air, fingerprints or foods.



This is not permanent discolouration,
and it will return to its original colour
when the product is cleaned in the manner described

To prevent second tarnish,
we strongly encourage you to wipe products with a dry towel
after washing so that the surface of products maintain without humidity.

Damoon products are handcrafted and may have slight differences
in shape, weight and size.