JENGKI Relax Chair

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Designed exclusively by Singgih S. Kartono and Handcrafted with pride in Indonesia by skilled craftsmen on the island of Java.  The use of Rattan in furniture making has been around for hundreds of years.

Dimensions: 31.2 in (79.5cm) high, 24.8 in (63cm) wide, 28.5 in (72.5cm) deep

Rattans have been known to grow up to hundreds of meters long. Most (70%) of the world's rattan population exist in Indonesia, distributed among the islands Borneo, Sulawesi, and Sumbawan.

In forests where rattan grows, its economic value can help protect forest land, by providing an alternative to loggers who forgo timber logging and harvest rattan canes instead. Rattan is much easier to harvest, requires simpler tools and is much easier to transport. It also grows much faster than most tropical wood. This makes it a potential tool in forest maintenance since it provides a profitable crop that depends on rather than replaces trees. It remains to be seen whether rattan can be as profitable or useful as the alternatives

Imported.  Special Care should be taken for the longevity of the rattan.  Shown in Natural Teak Wood, oil finishing

source:  Wikipedia

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