Spotlight On: Chaehoon Moon

Posted by Lianne Stokes on


We first introduced you to the first wave of our partner designers last Spring. Now, as the Summer kicks off we'd love you to meet more of our designers that make PSMB proud. 

Chaehoon Moon creates her products from the Korean materials of Ottchil and Yuhgee. Her creations result in the melding Korean traditions in modern times. She's a true visionary when it comes to understanding how her designs reflect and respect her ancestors but also give that pop of iconic modern culture. 

The DAMMON/Full Moon series is a true conversation starter. Ancient royals chose to eat off plates crafted from this material because if a poison substance touches the dish has a severe chemical reaction. In today's world, you can look forward to dining on these plates because of their natural sterilizing properties. Plus this collection keeps the freshness and temperature of food after cooking, Sustainable and timeless, these pieces can be passed down for generations. And they are all lovingly made by hand.  

Which look is your favorite? To view DAMOON please take a look at our dining selection. 

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