Meet the Top Furniture Designers Creating Unique Pieces

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At Personal Space, Los Angeles, California we curate high-quality pieces from diverse

Asian designers who put pure passion into their creations. Their innovations provide our clients with jaw-droppingly unique furniture and accessories to add to their interior spaces. We’re honored to be joining forces with exclusive, high-end talent. Representing our partner designers in the North American market, their work exhibits the same level of creativity and high standards you see from European designers such as the French, Italian, Danish, Dutch, and British. Walk through showrooms and furniture stores in New York, London, Milan, and Paris and you'll notice our award-winning partner designers match the integrity and innovation of any contemporary design pieces you’ll find in  European markets.

Meet, Ong Cen Kuang!

A piece from Ong Cen Kuang is the star of every room. Like any outfit, it’s the accessories that make your space extraordinary. Kuang’s lamps are creatively crafted with elements like zippers, linen fabric, and stainless steel wires. Featured in numerous publications including "Elle Decoration", Ong's award-winning designs are set to illuminate your interior in the most exciting and unexpected ways. How you light up your interior space is your unique way of showing your guests the various sides of you.

Meet designer, Ong Cen Kuang

Introducing the “Kelopak Pendant Light”, one of the brand’s prized pieces. This evocative luminary is handcrafted using zippers. It is also machine washable, allowing you to easily maintain the integrity of the pendant. Ong's second piece we have featured is easily named, “Wonton”.  A delightful image that is a centuries-old symbol of fortuity and prosperity in Chinese culture.

Wonton Light

Say hello to Stephanie Hauger of Vanilla Home!

Stephanie Hauger is one of Singapore’s most successful celebrated artists. At Personal Space MB, we cherish her as one of our most unconventional and intriguing artists. Interior design is never complete until one finds that perfect art piece.  

Hauger's multi-dimensional approach seeks to electrify an interior. If the opposite effect is needed, her brushstroke can soothe or sedate a space. "I like to try going in both directions,” said Hauger. Meld her vision with your interpretation, creating a unique statement piece for your home.

Below, we have featured some of our favorites, “Tranquility” and “Space Odyssey”.

Stephanie Hauger Tranquility Painting
Stephanie Hauger of Vanialla Home
Stephanie Hauger Space Odyssey Painting

Indonesian Designer Eva Natasa

Named one of the “Ten+ Emerging Indonesian Furniture Designers” in "Livingetc Magazine", Eva Natasa is a firm believer of practicality over complexity. Anyone can own a dining table or a stool, but there’s something about Natasa’s sleek vision and down-to-earth sensibilities that transforms a table into a concept.

Believing a piece should complement and not compete, be distinctive without being disruptive, Eva is a unique industrial designer who creates each piece with you in mind. Working in her design studio, she is truly an immersive artist. Her thought process involves her personal understanding of what pieces are essential to our human existence. A true artist at the top of her game, Natasa works with environmentally-responsible materials, handcrafted and shaped with love.

Emerging Designer Eva Natasa

Dennis Pluemer of Santai Furniture

Meet Dennis Pluemer of Santai Furniture

Santai, Indonesian for “to relax, to rest, to be casual,” unmistakably embodies the heart and novel appeal of his designers' creations. Based in Yogyakarta on the quaint, calm island of Indonesia’s Java, you’ll find this exotic island-inspired furniture. The collection consists of contemporary, ergonomic designs and evokes the sublime sights and sounds of its native Indonesia. It’s not hard to see how Santai fits so beautifully within the esteemed collection of Asian aesthetic designers for Personal Space MB.

Santai celebrates those “feel good,” meditative moments in life, like cozying up on the couch and reading with a cup of coffee. Santai furniture is always creating new products that capture cutting-edge ergonomics, unorthodox shapes, and the use of environmentally-responsible materials. Continually seeking mutual learning and craftsman partnerships throughout Java, Dennis and Santai Furniture employ local enterprises to produce all pieces of its beloved brand.

The star of David’s high-end furniture pieces is the award-winning Jengki Chair.

Jengki Chair, High End, Award-Winning Furniture Piece

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