Style Spotlight: Lula Stool

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Style Spotlight: Lula Stool

Known for its sleek and minimalist design, there are countless ways to style the Lula Stool to fit a unique purpose in your home, office or business. 

We asked, and you answered! How would you style the Lula Stool in your home? Whether for fashion or functionality, check out some of our favorite ideas below! 

Dress it up but keep it functionable

The best part about having this minimalist stool in your home is that it can both serve its purpose as a stool or bench, but can also be styled in an eye-catching, unique way that showcases your style and aesthetic.

Melanie: In the entryway with an oversized faux stone bowl on top to “catch” keys, phone charger, dog lead.

Rachel B: “I would showcase my Tibetan singing bowl on it for a calm meditation corner”

Ellis M: “In the home entrance as a rest stop to remove your shoes and make yourself at home.

Correy H: “Kitchen side table for my recipe books!”

Lorry L: “I’d use for books and a throw, it’s gorgeous” 

Kelly T: “I would use this stool for my coffee bar. I would drape a cute cable knit blanket on it to make it the perfect place to bundle up while enjoying a cup of coffee first thing in the morning.”

Extra is extraordinary

Whether you’re entertaining more because of the holidays or you just never seem to have enough seating, the Lula Stool is a beautiful addition to your kitchen, family room or office.

Lisa T: “Beautiful! Would love it for extra seating but it can double as a side table in our family room!”

Shannon: “I definitely would love it for additional seating. It would be wonderful for the holidays”

Patrice M: “An extra seat for dinner!”

Charley C: “We live in a very small space, and it would be perfect as a seat at the island!” 

Jamie D: “An extra seat in my office” 

A home for your plants and flowers

We loved this suggestion, and it was probably our most popular one! If your house is overfilling with plants, or you simply don’t want to take up table or counter space, make the Lula Stool its new home! Let’s see what our followers think:

Debbie G: “I would love to accent it next to our bay window and seat with my crystal and succulent birdcage terrarium so the string of pearls can cascade off the edge of it.”

Becky C: “With a big orchid!”

Sass T: “I definitely need plant life in my bedroom. The Stool would work very well. My window brings in so much light, so this would be perfect!”

Kim W: “Plant stand…or add a velcro strapped cushion and it’s a foot stool…love the versatility!” 

Joanne: “I’d use it with my new houseplant potting bench”

Ellary H: “I’d use it as a plant stand for my entryway”

Patricia: “The stool will be used as a stand for my beautiful Monstera plant.”

Feeling inspired? Head over to our website to check out the Lula Stool and add this unique piece to your home or business. 

Don’t forget to show us how you style it by tagging us on social media or sending us an email with photos. 

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