Original Artwork

We live in a complex world, but not one lacking in innovative artists. At Personal Space MB, we feel no space is complete until you add inspirational artwork. If you are searching for a piece of abstract or contemporary artwork the process takes a while. Keep your eyes and mind open to the beauty you see in life every day. Draw from what sparks joy and seek that in the artwork you choose. 

Artwork is extremely personal, that's why we love curating contemporary artwork from around the world. We love working with collectors and watching their eyes glow when we share our unique perspective. Because we as humans are not alike, everyone sees something different in a piece of abstract artwork. 

Some of our pieces such as this one here, made our client, a New York City native think of home. "It's the exact same color as New York City taxi cabs when I was a kid in the 80s," he said. Another work is seen here. "Blue and Grey" made her remember her father's studio in the late 90s when he started painting in his late 40s. He worked primarily with muted tones. "I always thought is was so gloomy," she said. "But now I see the ocean and the rocks. The beauty in colors that are earthy and not bold."  

Some other artists we represent include Stephanie Hauger of Vanilla Home. Stephanie is a renowned artist, living in Singapore. Her work is magnificent and we invite you to tell us what you see!