Moon Stone Sake Cup

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Designer: Da Moon

Type:home decor


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Moonstone collection represents a fusion of
tradition and modernity with a combination of curves and straight lines.
Every plate of the Moonstone collection are different,
but they will bring a rich and beautiful harmony to any dinner table.


Size 70Ø x 40h(mm) ; 2.75Ø x 1.57h(in)
Capacity 60ml ; 2 oz
WT 110g

This unique dinnerware is made of traditional Korean bronze.

In Korea, we call it ‘Yuhgee’.

Yuhgee has a strong antibacterial ability because of
its unique ratio of alloy – copper78:tin22, and it has beautiful color.

To maintain the properties of Yuhgee,
we don’t coat the surface of products.

Because it is an uncoated metal, it can be tarnished by
humidity in the air, fingerprints or foods.

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