Design Trends for 2023 - What’s New this Year?

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Design Trends for 2023 - What’s New this Year?

A new year brings just that: newness. In 2023, design trends will change. Certain things from 2022 are out, while others may stay the same, just get the upgrade they deserve. The way we decorate homes, businesses and other spaces is likely to shift. While we encourage you to design based on your personal preferences and taste, we also want to keep you in the loop. 

Below are four interior design trends set to take over this year according to Architectural Digest.

  • Bold bursts of color
  • While we still expect to see neutral colors, don’t be surprised to see bold bursts of colors in spaces this year. This will add contrast, warmth and individuality, even if it’s just in accent pieces. Wall art is a good way to ease into this trend, or even a chair cushion could bring some vibrancy to your space. 


  • Embracing master craftsmanship
  • At Personal Space, this particular design trend is like music to our ears! In 2023, experts expect to see more home and business owners taking pride in their furniture and how they decorate their spaces, meaning cookie cutter designs are on their way out. Even better? If the furniture and pieces are sustainable and stray away from the era of mass production. If you’re looking for the place where craftsmanship meets sustainability, Personal Space has the next piece for your home or space, like pieces from our Bamboo collections, including the Rattan Jengki Teak Relax Chaiand the Lincak Bamboo Chair

  • Unique or vintage pieces to own your personal style
  • With craftsmanship comes the desire for individual expression. Consumers are looking to make their home unique and personalized to them as a way of owning and showing off their personal style. From thrifted pieces to non-matching furniture sets, experts expect this trend to continue growing this year. Unique pieces, like interesting lamps and other sources of lighting, could serve both as a conversational piece and a way for individuals to express themselves through design.

  • Nature in new ways
  • The greenery trend made its way into homes and businesses over the past few years, and while experts don’t expect that trend to go away, they see it unveiling itself differently. Now, trends are leaning more towards desert vibes and unfinished textures, unlike what we saw with lush greens and crisp blues. “Raw, unfinished textures” will also see a rise in 2023. To bring the outdoors inside, consider trends made from natural materials like wood or teak and rattan

    If these design trends sound right up your alley, but your not sure where to start, head over to our website to check out unique, artisan-quality pieces, or reach out directly for personalized assistance by emailing us at 

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