A house is not a home until you lend your personal touches. Remember, there is only one "you" and your unique vision creates a polished and put-together space. Because there is no one "star of the show" when it comes to home accessories, choose a bevy of accent pieces that complement, rather than compete.


You deserve home accessories that give the appearance of being special, rare, and hard-to-find. We invite you to think of Personal Space MB as a home within your own. We take the time to get to know you, and your clients. Representing the top, award-winning Asian designers in the North American market, we provide you with a unique experience. We're endlessly patient. We take the time to get to know the space and what you need to fill your interiors. Some people are minimalists, others prefer to showcase. We provide an experience that allows you to feel like your interior space is yours and yours alone. 



Peruse our distinctive lines of designer home decor, including high-quality throws, decorative pillows, prized contemporary framed artwork, stunning pendant mirrors, and specialty brass and ceramic dish sets. If you are seeking decorating ideas for harder to inspire areas such as desk accessories for your home office, view our vases and candle holders. They're designed to fill you with wonderment through the complexities of their intricate design. 

 Decorating your home is an adventure. We're here to help you paint your palate as you go. Now, let's accessorize!