About Us

Unlike many of the mainstream, big brand home furnishing and home décor distributors on the market in North America, premier trade supplier Personal Space proudly offers genuine, rare Asian design aesthetic to every artisan-crafted piece of their curated collection at reasonable pricing.  Founder Laurie Wiluan, who resided in different parts of Asia over 25 years before re-patriating back to the United States, employs a rather fastidious approach to her intimate design team, as she vehemently researches and hand-picks each one of her renowned, highly-talented Asian designers to create the luxury-level home essentials of the Personal Space brand. 

Every piece, every flawless ensemble is mindfully-manufactured in small batches to guarantee the highest quality, longevity, and customer satisfaction available. Limiting environmental footprint and carefully choosing the most environmentally and economically sustainable resources yield a perfect balance of well-built beauty and fashion-forward functionality to suit any space and every situation.  With the use of aesthetically-appealing and eco-responsible raw materials, such as teak wood, bamboo, rattan, and other specialty textiles, one can effortlessly style their space with our timeless treasures, each one evocative of an enduring, meaningful message from its designer. Talk about great conversation pieces!  From a simple studio apartment to a spatial estate, there’s a piece for every space, setting, and sanctuary. Envision a seemingly unassuming chair acquired for nothing more than its fundamental ability to furnish your limited living space and that can eventually transcend years and be the finishing touch to your second home’s secluded, lavish library.  It’s fine furniture, exquisitely-engineered luminaries, and other charming, tasteful decor that boast functionality and art form with a unique, authentic flair for the culturally-rich influences of Asia. 

It’s our tireless team’s mission to make your motif memorable, purposeful, and personally expressive without breaking the budget.  Personal Space presents posh and practical pieces impeccably designed only by Asia’s most brilliant artists to upgrade your personal space and cherish for years to come.  And, we take that pretty personal.