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Hello, welcome to Personal Space MB! We are North America's customized curators of designer interior furnishings, lighting and home decor. We are also a distributer, representing top Asian designers. It's our passion to work with interior designers side-by-side on both residential and commercial projects. 




We think Personal Space MB as a version of 'farm-to-table', but for your interior design needs. Wait, WHAT? Well, we didn't get into this business without a love for peoples' diverse taste and a passion for customized service. We enjoy the process of getting to know our designers and their clients. When on location we make home visits, bringing our clients various options in home decor. Together, we choose what pieces work in harmony in each unique home.


Personal Space MB was a grassroots start-up from Manhattan Beach, California who created a level of service so customized our interior designers found their jobs became easier. Our community trusts we will respect their budgets and timelines. We enjoy having long term relationships with our clients, helping guide them though each new commercial and residential project. 

We know that good things take time. And, we are here for you, waiting. 


WHERE there's a will, there's Personal Space MB. Reach out and chat with us today. email: phone: 720-605-3505