What Happens In Vegas....

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......is about to get Personal. 


We're heading to Las Vegas Market 2019 to bring our show on the road. If you're attending LVM, let's connect! We are also debuting our first-ever lookbook! Take a peek. It's zero calories and easy on the eyes. 

In honor of our first major Las Vegas exhibit, we've published our official "Vegas Survival Guide". If you're not attending LVM, you're bound to be in Vegas at some point. The whole point of ending up in Vegas is being confused about how you got there. Behold, our excellent advice. 


How to Survive Your Work Trip to Sin City. 


1. Rock a Fanny Pack Instead of a Purse. 


This is huge! For years fanny packs were socially unacceptable and only seen on math teachers in small towns. Now, if you're spotted wearing a fanny pack you're practically a hipster. Take advantage of this moment because we don't know how long it will last.

What to fill your pack up with:


Have backup I.D. (Take 2 forms of I.D. Store one I.D. in your hotel safe and the other, keep on you.) Have some cash. Carry $100 and 1 credit or debit card. The rest of your prized plastic should be left behind in a safe or secure location. That way if an Elvis impersonator tries to swindle you- you're backed up! You stylin' AND smart now? Whoa. 




2. Party-ish.


Nothing says, "Kill me now" like a hangover at a major trade show. Think of all the people who are going to try and talk to you when all you want to do is eat a bacon, egg, and cheese in the dark. But how are you supposed to get through the long workdays while the rest of Vegas is drinking tequila and eating fried food with reckless abandon?  You don't want to be the buzzkill. You're FUN, and we know it. Think about it this way, you look better with your hair done and sipping a glass of wine at 6 PM than you do barefoot and holding a bottle at midnight. The best advice is to keep it in the middle. Go out early with colleagues and prospective clients then DITCH. Eat, drink, be merry, but at 9 PM your rule is to be in an Uber or Lyft heading home for the night. Try and stick to beer and wine. Your 6 AM alarm and non-puffy eyes will love you for it. 





3. Take a Real Gamble.


Should you have a day off get to werk! At one time Las Vegas, Nevada was more famous for its alleged alien activity than showgirls. Explore the area outside of the slots and head to cool spots like Area 51 by driving the Existential Highway. Or head to the Bonnie Springs Ranch by Red Rocks National Canyon Park. This cute location is family-friendly and consists of a hotel, horseback riding, and a petting zoo. Kayaking is also an option. There are a number of kayaking tours that take guests out at night for a paddle and stunning tours of Emerald Cove and Lake Mead. 




4. Only Judy Is a Judge. 


Let's say something crazy goes down. Imagine your most stable co-worker calls you at 3 AM to tell you she's getting married to a Swedish prince. You have to be up in 3 hours and think to yourself, "Ashley? Wait. But, you're so dependable and boring!" It's always the ones you least expect who will turn the party out. Sure, it's disruptive, but it's better than going home without a good story. To fully survive a work trip to Vegas you must suspend judgment. After all, it's not you making the mistake. Just think how great you'll feel about yourself. 

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