Unique Gifts For the Cool Bride (and Groom).

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Weddings happen year-round. Once you get one sleekly designed invite in the mail,  it seems infectious. More always follow. You know you're really popular when you get a wedding Evite from the eco-friendly bride and groom. 


Destination weddings can break the bank, but even the fun DIY backyard BBQ weddings can be stressful and expensive. You still have to look good: (dress, hair, makeup, clutch, SHOES!). Man. We feel your pain. Even if you're not part of the bridal party attending a wedding is WORK. At least a month before the big day you'll discuss the following topics with your friends and loved ones at least once:



"Blow out? Braid? Wig?"

"Wait. You got a promo code for the hotel and I didn't?" 

"Patti is mad because she's not allowed a plus one." 

"Wait. This is a dry wedding?" 







There's more. You need to find the perfect wedding gift. After you spent so much money preparing you have to give more. We suggest going to the local blood bank in favor of attending fancy weddings. Think about it: you help save a life, and you get free juice and a cookie. We kid! If you're invited to a wedding, chances are you made the cut out of a large list of people. If you show up, you need to glow up. But if we know our clients, we know you do not want to buy your couple a KitchenAid Stand Mixer. Now, we love those things. How could we make cookies without them? But basic kitchen necessities are things other people can buy the bride and groom. You, friend, are not basic. This is why we created:



The PSMB "Off the Registry" Wedding Gift Guide.


We want you showing up saying, "Look how hot I look and my gift is even better." Leave the high thread count sheets to a third cousin of the groom. You're coming in lit with these selections. 





Look how sexy these are. They also on SALE.

The card can say, "For each of your moods, a stunning plate set. May even the worst of days always finish with a delicious and loving meal." 






Wedding Gift Idea #2: Because today s all about romance, The CRISS CROSS FLAT PLATE SET is on- theme for those of us who love spreading the XoXo around. We carry the complete set, coming in appetizer, salad, soup sauce and serving bowls. 






Wedding Gift Idea #3: Let's say you have two well-travelled grooms with excellent taste. The pressure for a quality gift is on. We have just the item. Behold, the LUXURIOUS MONGOLIAN CASHMERE THROW. Coming in multiple colors, this item works as an accent piece in any living room, a blanket, or you can wear it as a wrap to a formal event. This pick is pure perfection. 





Wedding Gift Idea #4: NAKED RAKU PLATES. Of course the word "naked" at a wedding in scandalous, but these plates are class, class, and more class. Let the rest of the guests give the Mr. and Mrs. something they can just throw a piece of grilled cheese on. You, friend, are serving up display plates. There's dishware and then there's ART. 




Wedding Gift Idea #5: Set a majestic mood with the ASH COBALT CANDLE HOLDER. Coming in three sizes, these are a great statement pice for the bride and groom's home. 



Wedding Gift Idea #5: the NAKED RAKU VASE. These items are rare in the states and simply not found in just any home. They are gorgeous and raku has a rich and interesting history which we include in the product's descriptions. Purchase one of these and everyone will think you are a jet setting member of the literati. :-) Or at the least very thoughtful. 



 Have fun out there wedding kids. Be safe and let us know what you think of our selection. 

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