The Best Beach Reads for Summer '19!

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Summer '19 is set to sizzle even when it rains. All you need to maximize your time inside or outdoors is a little relaxation and ambiance. That's why we are pairing our favorite books along with the perfect chair to complement each title!  

Recommended read #1: Waiting for Tom Hanks by Kerry Winefry

O Magazine selected this rom-com read as one of this season's best. And outside of bringing us Dr. Phil, Oprah's team has been right about most things. This story centers around a character obsessed with the impossible standards set in our media. The protagonist finds herself swept away by the character portrayed by Tom Hanks in "Sleepless in Seattle". In her dating life, no man can measure up to Hanks on the big screen. In this story, we watch as our heroine struggles to let go of someone else's story start living her own. Will she learn to love the perfectly imperfect real-life man who is so giving of his heart? You'll just have to read! 

Recommended seat: Jenki Relax Chair 

We choose the award-winning Jenki Relax Chair to go with Waiting For Tom Hanks. It's perfect for someone with a chic urban design aesthetic and high standards, just like the beloved protagonist of this book, Annie Cassidy, who you are about to get to know. 

Recommended read #2: Queenie by Candice Carty Williams.

Named "One of the most anticipated books of 2019" by Newsday, Book Riot, Bustle and more, Queenie is the second coming of the mid-90's smash hit, "Briget Jones's Diary." The story of a Jamaican-British career woman in London, Queenie handles important cultural topics like gentrification, race and one's feeling like she/he does not belong in any box society tries to place her in. It's also a juicy reed, filled with questionable decisions and humorous 'WhatsApp' texts. 

Recommended seat: Gedhe Lounge Chair. 

For reading Queenie, we choose the eye-catching uber vibrant Gedhe Lounge Chair. It was a natural pick for our staff. "You can't read a smart and juicy tome like Queenie sitting in something basic. Queenie wouldn't want that," said one staffer. We couldn't agree more. 

Recommended read #3: Company of One 

For our entrepreneurs, we recommend "Company of One" by Paul Jervis. A refreshing take on "anti-growth" Jervis takes us through the possibilities of staying small to grow. This book teaches you that by being a "party of one" you can avoid the stress of other employees, long meetings and the woes of expansion. 

Recommended seat: The Petal Lounge Chair 

If you're going to read a revolutionary business book that bucks the norm and encourages you to be the only HBIC, you're going to need something regal. Our clients often refer to the Petal Lounge Chair as "the throne". (And they don't mean that as a vulgar toilet joke.  :-) A fitting chair for a book that encourages peace of mind and quality of life without compromising your dreams and your wallet. 

Recommended read #4  Honestly, We Meant Well by Grant Ginder

Entertainment Weekly called this juicy tome a "must read".The Wright family is in ruins. With a cheating husband and a son who has made a mess of his life, Sue Ellen Wright decides it's time for a month-long family vacation to Greece. You can imagine that in this tragedy there is great comedy. This book is ideal for the man or woman who wants to get away but life just won't permit it. Turning the pages of Honestly, We Meant Well is the ultimate staycation. 

Recommended seat: Bhuanna Lounge.

This heart-shaped chair is the ultimate piece to read this tough family story. Family isn't perfect, but some bonds are worth fighting for. 



Recommended read: How to Take Control of Your Life By Mel Robbins.  

For those who want to kick back and have a book read to them, there's Audible.  There's no shame in listening to a book. We like "How to Take Control Of Your Life" because it reminds us to face our fears. It instills in us that we're all capable of living an accomplished and happy life. The author's advice to handle our struggles "brick by brick" is brilliant. Robbins is an insightful and honest soul who has something important to teach us. So kick back with an iced matcha latte or a glass of wine and listen in on Robbins coach women and men of various backgrounds and age groups. Then, start taking a renewed control of your life! 

 Recommended seat: Malya Aluminum Oversize Chair

This indoor/outdoor three-seater is pure bliss. Cool-looking and comfortable? We're in! It's the perfect piece of furniture to lay on, close your eyes and be filled with the wisdom from your Audible Original. Take our advice ;-) 

Recommended read 6: The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck.  by Mark Manson. 

We're serving you another book* on Audible because we're just chill like that. The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck is one of our favorites and not just because it has a curse word in the title. The author Mark Manson messed up and learned from his bad habits. He teaches you to loosen up. He shows you judging the decisions of others isn't moving you towards your goals. He also uses examples similar to Mel Robbins of how fear holds us back from getting what we deserve in career and love. How not caring what others think can propel us forward enabling us to help those in need. Through his "tongue in cheek" style, Manson uses historical and personal examples to help us evolve. And the universe knows us humans could use the help. 

*This book also comes in paperback and e-book. 

Recommended seat: The Kearra Lounge Chair.

Inspired by the shape of a glass of wine, this chair is for quality downtime. Pop your air pods in, enjoy your backyard or balcony view and learn how subtly becoming DGAF will lead to a stronger you. 


Recommended read: Can't Stop Won't Stop: A History of The American Hip Hop Generation  by Jeff Chang. 


A powerful social commentary on the end of an American Century and how hip hop transformed a generation. Based on near-legendary interviews with those on the front lines of the 9-s hip hop scene: b-boys, DJs, rappers, activists, gang members, and graffiti writers, "Can't Stop" heads to the streets of the Bronx and Kingston Jamaica to show you an intellectual perspective on a transformative cultural movement.


Recommended seat: The Mayla Outdoor Dining Chair.

Nothing says hip hop like a unique sense of style. Pop a seat in a bold colored Mayla Outdoor Dining Chair and show off all your historical hip hop knowledge. East Coast. West Coast, this chair is the ultimate outdoor statement piece. 

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